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The purpose of Greater.Me is to raise awareness on the stigmas surrounding men's mental health and help seeking behaviors in response to the rising suicide rates in male's. 

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Our Mission is to be in a position to encourage people to adapt to newer health/help seeking habits, instead of leaving mental health issues till they affect the individuals ability to function. As majority of the time men don't seek help with mental health issues due to the pressure of maintaining a masculine image. By identifying this issue, and creating a masculine safe space through the Greater.Me PSA on social media. We can achieve the overarching goal of helping men seek mental health help shame free.

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Our vision is to shape the societal image of men who seek help with mental health in a more positive light, and remove the emasculating and shameful feeling many feel when seeking help. We hope to achieve the first step in changing this view through posting easily understandable coping and worry management infographics, alongside humorous and masculine quotes relating to help seeking.

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