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24/7 Service for Indigenous Women in 14 Language's with Talk4Healing

"Talk Text Chat" - Talk4Healing

Talk4Healing offers 24/7 help, support, and resources for indigenous women across Ontario. For more information click the button below.

14 Languages

Talk4Healing offers 24/7 support through text, phone, or online chat providing a safe and accepting environment. Grounded in Indigenous culture, and tradition these services are offered In the languages listed below:

  • Oji-Cree

  • Cree

  • Algonquin

  • Inuktitut

  • Mohawk

  • Oneida

  • Odawa

  • Potawatomi

  • Micmac

  • Black Foot

  • Anishinaabe

  • Moose Cree

  • Swampy Cree

  • English

To find out more please click here

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