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3 Key Focus Pillars - Black Youth Helpline(BYH)

"Bridging Cultures, Reaching Youth, Impacting Change" - Black Youth Helpline

Black Youth Helpline is more for helping and educating youth, the "helpline" serves as a point of contact for calls to their professional service. For more information please visit Black Youth Helping's webpage by clicking the button below.

3 Key Strategic Focus's

In service to the community's BYH are dedicated to assisting, they stress the importance of the Initial intake done with a professional assessment to helps identify root causes of issues and challenges. Followed by a development of a support plan that follows 3 strategic focuses listed below.

  • Education

Education is a key foundation for positive citizenship and success in life. BYH strongly believes that ‘no youth” should be excluded or dismissed from school.

  • Health

Maintaining optimal health including barrier-free access to appropriate, professional, mainstream mental health assessment and services.

  • Community

Caring about others impacts lives and is the greatest gift to humanity and society, as communities online or offline provide a safe space for authentic engagement and true self discovery.

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