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8 Ways that Across Boundaries can Assist Radicalized Community's.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

"We are leaders in providing equitable, holistic mental health and addiction services for racialized* communities." - Across Boundaries

Helping Racialized Community's

Across Boundaries has a a holistic approach to mental health care, and focuses on anti-racist, anti black racism, and anti oppression frameworks. Providing a range of services that aren't limited too but include individual support, psychiatric consultation, addiction and wellness services, community support groups, skill building, social and recreational activities.

8 Innovative, Inclusive + Holistic Services offered by Across Boundaries

Across boundaries offers a holistic approach to mental health care offered by other mental health agency's. This helps to provide a safe space when offering a dynamic range of services with compassionate, dignified, and inclusive mental health and addictions services. These services are specialized for racialized community's that integrate the topics in the list below:

Across Boundaries Range of Services

Individual support

Psychiatric Consultation

Addictions and Wellness Services

Community outreach

Support groups, alternative and complementary therapies

Community kitchen

Skills building

Social and recreational activities

More About Across Boundaries - Language Services

Across Boundaries offers services in:

  • Caribbean Dialects

  • African Languages(Shona, Amharic, Harare, Xhosa, Tsonga, Afrikaans, Swahili, Somali, Twi )

  • Central Asian Languages(Dari, Pashto, Farsi (Persian)

  • South Asian Languages(Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali)

  • South East Asian Languages(Mandarin)

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