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6 Mental Wellness Topics to Learn with Wellness Together Canada

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

"Get the Right Support. Always Free." - Wellness Together Canada

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

That the Covid-19 pandemic has made a lot of unnecessary stress and worries for many individuals and family's across Canada.

If this is also the case for you as well, learning these 6 topics dealing with stress, worry management, the pandemic, and relationships through Wellness Together Canada might be for you.

Pandemic Management

Wellness Together Canada was made in response to the unpredicted rising mental health and substance abuse concern during Covid-19, funded by the Government of Canada.

6 Topics for mental health wellness

Wellness Together Canada sea of services offer basic mental health wellness information, one on one counsellor sessions, and even connecting to a community for support.

With having to sort through the variety of resources available it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a place to start. This is why I recommend looking at the resources by topic listed below.

6 Explorable Topics

Coping with COVID-19

Managing low mood

Managing worry

Coping with stress

Strengthening relationships

Managing substance use

To find out more click here.

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