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Family Services Toronto's 12 Areas of Expertise

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

"For People. For Change" - Family Services Toronto

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

Dealing with family can be complicated, anxiety inducing, stressful, and an overall weight on your shoulders.

If you have ever faced the difficulties of dealing with family issues or are currently dealing with them now these 12 areas of expertise might be for you.

How Could This Help?

Family Services Toronto can help in offering counselling both virtually and walk in's, providing steps forward and resources for women dealing with abuse, LGBTQ+ resources, senior care, caregiver workshops, and links for support groups.

12 Areas of Expertise's

Family Services Toronto offers you a variety services dedicated to assisting individuals and family's through counselling, community engagement, and public education programs but specializes in assisting people dealing with these 12 areas listed below.

12 Areas of Expertise

Abuse and Violence

Child and Family Poverty

Coming Out

Sexual Orientation and Gender identity

Depression and Stress

Adult Hoping to Overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences

Developmental Disabilities




Seniors and Their Caregivers

Separation, Divorce, and Remarriage

More About Family Services Toronto

Family Services Ontario works with family's, individuals, and community's affected by mental health and are available for everyone who works or lives in Toronto.

Providing a variety of virtual workshops like meditation, trauma-informed yoga, breathwork, emotional regulation, and much more. Other services include walk-ins, single session counseling, and community groups.

To find out more click here.

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