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9 Articles for Youth from Good 2 Talk Helpline

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

"Free, Confident Support 24/7" - Good 2 Talk

If you've experienced a crisis in the past and need someone to talk to about it Good 2 Talk is the right resource for you!

How Can Good 2 Talk Help?

Good 2 Talk provides not only a hotline to call for immediate support, but allows individuals to text or use Facebook messenger. This allows users to connect and communicate the mental health or addiction issues they have been dealing with.

If life is currently hectic and you need someone to talk too, or a place to learn about these issues Good 2 Talk is the right website for you.

9 Articles on Good 2 Talk

Sometimes as life gets chaotic we forget to slow down and organize our mental health, if you are looking for self-development tips, are starting a mental health wellness journey, or are just looking for some personal growth. These 9 article topics listed below might be for you:

Well-Being Article's

20 tips from post-secondary students for managing anxiety

8 relationship affirmations for reflecting on connections

Dr. Moira Somers on concerns about money and well-being

Feeling lonely, isolated or homesick? You can get support.

I think I’m experiencing depression. How can I get help?

Sexual violence: Ways to cope and get support

Ways to manage stress: Video tips from a real counsellor

Where can I find support on campus?

Why boundaries can support positive mental health

To find these articles and more click here

More About Good 2 Talk

Good 2 Talk focuses on giving post-secondary students a way to talk about the difficulties and challenges they are going through.

Providing professional counselling, crisis support, information, and referrals regarding wellness and mental health. AbilitiCBT offers free virtual therapy through the Government of Ontario for all residents aged 16+. AbilitiCBT has a sea of services that help with pain management, anxiety, depression, pandemic stress, and insomnia.

No matter what you’re going through, Good2Talk is available 24/7.

To find out more click here.

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