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17 Support Options for Caregivers by Ontario Caregiver Helpline

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

"You're there for them. We're here for you." - Ontario Caregiver Helpline

Caregiving can be a very challenging and isolating job, so you'll probably agree with me when I say:

Being a caregiver for someone can be a difficult and challenging job for an individual both mentally and physically.

If you are someone you know is currently a caregiver and you wish to help them as you see they might need some assistance themselves, these 17 support options might peak your interest!

How can Ontario Caregiver Helpline assist me?

Ontario Caregiver Helpline supports 3+million caregivers in Ontario, by being the one-stop shop for all resources caregivers might find interest in.

So when Ontario Caregiver Helpline offers 17 support options, it's more likely to say they have 17 support options made specifically to help caregivers.

17 Support Options

Ontario Caregiver Helpline has a variety of sources to learn, connect, and build skills to better an individual's mental health, but offers 17 support options made specifically for caregivers listed below.

Support options provided by Ontario Caregivers Helpline

24/7 Helpline

Peer Support

Webinars For Caregivers

Psychoeducation, Group and Individual Counselling

e-learning and Educational Resources

Caregiver Mental Health & Well-Being

Toolkits For Caregivers

Young Caregivers Connect

Time To Talk Podcast For Caregivers

Health Conditions

Managing Care

Working Caregivers

Resources For Black Caregivers & Communities

2SLGBTQ+ Resources

Resources For Indigenous Caregivers

Find Financial Support

Caregiving Information Search

More About Ontario Caregiver Helpline

Providing 24/7 help line, webinars, peer support, group and individual counseling, eLearning and educational recourses, and much more relating to the wellbeing and mental health of caregivers across Ontario.

To find out more click here.

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