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5 Reasons Why Together All is the Right Fit for You.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

"Get Support. Take Control. Feel Better." - Together All

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

Dealing with issues alone can be difficult, and dealing with emotional issues like experiencing anxiety, depression, feeling low, worried, and stressed alone is even more challenging on a persons mental health.

If you've felt the need to connect with a community in regards to mental health but remain anonymous TogethorAll might be a point of interest for you.

How could TogetherAll help me?

Currently millions of people have access to TogethorAll through colleges, university's, and other organizations for free. TogethorAll aims to help those who use this program to by creating a safe place to feel empowered, inclusive, and seek mental health support.

Customer Reviews State:

  • 93% Self-report an improvement in their wellbeing after using Togetherall

  • 80% of students felt less isolated after using Togetherall (Ontario Study)

  • 64% Share on Togetherall because it's anonymous

5 Reasons why TogethorAll might be for you

This program offers a a scalable, cost effective support option if your college, university, or organization isn't providing free mental health services though TogethorAll.

The main reasons why TogethorAll is a good fit for those in post secondary are:

  • An inclusive, anonymous and safe, peer-to-peer community.

  • 24/7 moderation and monitoring by licensed and registered mental health practitioners.

  • Free, low-barrier access for members.

  • Integrates with other available services and resources to support a stepped-care approach.

  • Proven to engage individuals and groups historically underserved by traditional means of support.

More About TogetherAll

Together All is an online community focused on people supporting for each other anonymously to improve wellbeing and mental health! Millions already have access to this service through organizations, colleges and university's. Together All is free for to all in Alberta and Nova Scotia residents aged 16+.

Wellness Together Canada sea of services offer basic wellness information, one on one counsellor sessions, and even connecting to a community for support!

To find out more click here.

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