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The Power of Vitamin D


For those living in Ontario our winters are filled with long and gloomy nights, cold temperatures, and pale skin. This lack of sunlight for many can have an affect on your mental health and may even be the cause of seasonal depression for some.

So to make sure we all stay our healthiest this year, let's take a look a the power of sunshine!

The Magic of Vitamin D

Vitamin D also known as "Sunshine vitamin" has been linked to fighting off:

  • Depression symptoms

  • Anxiety symptoms

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • and Bipolar disorder

6 ways to get Vitamin D

Vitamin D has also been linked to fighting off depression and boosting weight loss. The number one way we absorb vitamin D is naturally through the sun. The list below highlights tips and ways for those in Ontario to get more sunshine:

  • Bask in sunlight when eating breakfast

  • Try to step outside for 15 minutes

  • Maintain a proper diet

  • Try Light therapy

  • Take vitamin D vitamins

  • Plan a vacation

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