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Dangers of Social Media on Mental Health


Recently because of the current Covid-19 pandemic social networks have become a part of daily life. Well even before the pandemic many found it hard to live without new media and social network applications. But now with the current pandemic social networks have become for many a main part of how people communicate with each other as social restrictions have been making meeting in person difficult. With how freely available many of these social networking platforms are, anyone can make an account at a moment's notice.

But with people being able to communicate instantaneously many also feel the pressure to reply in the same manner, in an instant, causing many individuals to have excessive amounts of screen time.

Youth screen times

If you take the time to research statistics for usage of social media in youth, Its not surprising that typically the younger generation uses social media more when compared to older generations. This states that students are using social media more than anyone in today's society especially during the pandemic and classes being online. The dangers of youth spending so much time online isn't only the digital fatigue but the usage of social media.

Yes social media can empower students to effortlessly get in touch with one another concerning school activities and assignments. But the majority are using social media to review peers posts, influencers, or other content.

Social Media

With constant use of the Internet, and overdependence on using social media typically results in less perseverance, lowered tolerance, skewed basic reasoning abilities, and impulsivity. This is normally the result of using social media excessively and have also been known to show signs of poor mental health, and even signs of depression when in social media for extended amounts of time.

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