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The Importance of Community


Communities online or offline for certain groups of people or individuals provide a safe space for authentic engagement and true self discovery. Although just like the vast sea of content and communities that flows into the internet it seems hard to find a place to call a safe space, especially during harsh time like the Covid-19 Pandemic. The internet allows individuals in such communities who feel heavy societal sigma's and pressures to communicate, engage, heal, and provide a sense of belonging to each other.

Having a form of support and understanding from a community of peers who are in similar situations, especially when dealing with mental health, can allow you to realize you aren't alone in feeling mental health issues

How can a community help?

Regardless of what community you look into many who are apart of it will come forward with hopeful narratives. Explaining how being provided with a safe and affirming place has positively affected them. Giving those in the community a stronger sense of self, an escape from the social stigmas, confidence through experiencing belonging, and hope to live through what was found being a part of said communities online.

The internet can clearly be a positive place for many who are a part of discriminated communities or feel societal stigmas. As it allows individuals who are apart of them to discuss openly and carefree the heavy stigmas and pressures one might feel. Having that community provide the ability to communicate, engage, learn, and heal together is critical when dealing with mental health issues.

TLTR: Community's online or offline provide a sense of belonging that can help you heal.

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